The Committee Members of the Catholic Prison Ministry

Chairperson:        Groffery           016-2128709
Vice Chairperson: A. Steevan      019-2590911
Secretary:            Cecilia    
Treasurer:            Freddy             016-2166487
Comm member:   Alphanso           012-2421713         
Herbert Gomez  012-6290047
Xavier               014-2250325
Shamala            0162128709
Simon        -
Thomas            012-2991603
The Catholic Prison Ministry was formed in the Church of the Holy Family in 1985 immediately after Penjara Kajang moved its prison premises from Pudu Prison to Kajang.

Sr. Catherine O’Sullivan I.J., an Irish missionary nun who had vast experience in prison missionary work shared her mission with some like minded parishioners and motivated them to visit those incarcerated in prison as enshrined  in the Gospel of Mathew 25:35:36………”I was in Prison and you visited me”.

The Ministry’s mission is to organise socio-pastoral counselling and activities which would provide a platform to enable law offenders through an integrated prison apostolate to experience love, care and support and regain their self respect and dignity to become useful citizens in society. Its objective is further extended to help rehabilitate drug users and people living with HIV/AIDS. Significantly, the ostracised families and children of these people are also assisted whilst their loved ones are under rehabilitation.  

The key activities of the Ministry are categorised as follows.


A.    Counselling and Spiritual Formation
•    Regular and consistent weekly visits to the male and female prisons at Kajang, Sg. Buloh, Seremban and Jelebu Detention Centre to meet the various groups of prisoners serving sentence or under remand to demonstrate the love of God for repentant sinners.

•    Provide counselling sessions on positive thinking, motivation and encouragement to help prisoners repent and change their past lifestyles.

B.    Babies, Children and Mothers
•    Providing medical and paediatric services for babies born in prison. Our qualified paediatrician visits the Kajang prison on a fortnightly basis and attends to the medical needs of babies and children.

•    Providing pre and antenatal medical care to mothers and pregnant women in prison by a qualified mid wife.

•    Supplementing the needs of babies born in prison by providing formula milk, cereals, vitamins, supplements, diapers, baby clothes, etc.

•    Supplementing the needs of pregnant inmates of the female prison by providing soap, detergents, sanitary napkins, supplements and vitamins.

C    Juvenile Prisons Academy
•    Qualified teachers providing free academic education for juvenile offenders to prepare them for PMR, SPM and STPM examinations.

•    Donations of stationery items and books for juvenile prisoners attending classes.

D    Christmas Fellowship in Prisons
•    The biggest annual Christmas Fellowship is organised in the Prison. The lady prisoners are feted with goodie bags of fruits, cakes, chocolates and sweets while the juveniles are treated with a lunch pack of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


A     Addiction / Substance Abuse
•    Working with partner Halfway Homes to encourage released prisoners, drug and other substance abuse addicts to undergo a proper 2 year rehabilitation programme.

•    Providing moral and material assistance to such partner Halfway Homes and co-ordinating rehabilitation programmes for integration of the above target group back to society.

B    HIV / Full Blown Aids
•    Supporting our network partners involved in the operation of Homes for ex-prisoners and addicts who are HIV positive or with full blown AIDS.

•    Organising social event fellowship and outings for ex-prisoners and inmates of the various partner Drug Rehabilitation Centres.

C    Outreach to Families of Prisoners / Single Parents
•    Providing material assistance to children and families of prisoners and working towards reconciliation of prisoners and addicts with their families.

•    Conducting Awareness Programmes on Crime Prevention and its consequences, HIV and AIDS to students and youths in crime prone squatter areas.

•    Arranging for academic tuition classes for children of prisoners, drug users, substance abuse addicts and people living with HIV/AIDS.