The Single Working Adults Ministry (SWAM) is the brainchild of our Parish Priest Rev. Fr William Michael and was formed in April 2008 with its objective “To Promote the Growth of Single Adults, Spiritually, Personally and Socially and to Involve Single Adults in the Church’s Ministerial Work.” Young adults represent an integral part of the living body of Christ. Our ministry seeks to foster a sense of belonging, personal and spiritual growth, and it empowers young adults to bridge their participation to other Church ministries. Our ministry sincerely hopes to set an example for other young adults to actively embrace the church’s challenge to a commitment of higher duty.

The ministry faces an uphill task of drawing Young Adults to join and be part of this ministry. As such the SWAM team is currently on  a “Member Get Member” drive to draw more Single Adults to be part of the SWAM team to contribute their gifts and talents given by God to achieve the ministry’s objective and to keep this Ministry going. Though small in number, this ministry believes that (as in Phil 4:16) “We can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens Us”.

SWAM has created a Facebook page to stay updated with each other on their activities and news.

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Chairperson: Tony Shamesan-0166207214
Vice chairperson: Edwin
Treasurer: Elizabeth Regina Mary
Prayer leader: Martin