To live fully the Life in the Spirit which is rooted in the communion of the Trinity and in solidarity with the Church, the whole human family and creation.

  • To foster the grace of Pentecost, including the exercise of charisms as an integral part of normative Christian living.
  • To deepen the process of Christian discipleship in the Church through on-going conversion, inner healing, daily prayer, frequent reception of the Sacraments and daily embracing the Cross of Christ.
  • To deepen the spirit of communion in the Church through participation in the BEC's, dialogue and collaboration with the Church leadership and networking of Charismatic renewal groups & ministries.
  • To witness Christ by our lifestyle, proclamation, ecumenical & inter-religious dialogue and service to the poor & marginalized.

The experience of the first followers of Jesus was that they were empowered by God through the Holy Spirit to live a new kind of life — life in a fuller dimension whereby God’s power worked in them and through them in order to bring God’s love and grace to all who would receive it. Essentially, it is this experience of God that is at the basis of the Catholic faith.

The Church has experienced through the centuries the power of God working in and through imperfect people, all seeking to know God. The Prayer Group of Kajang firmly believes in keeping this tradition alive and thus, we invite you to a personal and deeper encounter with our Lord.  We meet in the Wisdom Room every Tuesday from 8.30 – 9.45 pm.

A typical prayer meeting may have these main segments:
Praise and Worship
God is praised in song and prayer for his majesty, his love and his faithfulness, and thanked for his grace in our lives. This praise and thanksgiving may be in words, songs or through that way of praying without words known as ‘praying in tongues’.
Someone may speak an exhortation or word of encouragement from God, through the Holy Spirit.
Someone may share a brief passage of Scripture.
A speaker may give a short talk on one of a variety of subjects aimed at helping us to know God and to lead better Christian lives.
There will usually be times of intercession for the needs of the world, the Church, parish and home. Prayer for healing is always available for those who ask for it.
Someone may relate how they have experienced God working in their life, and how God has blessed them and changed them.
This is only a guide, but mostly we allow the Spirit to direct the Prayer meeting.


Chairperson    Mary Fernandez    012-975 6766
Vice-Chairperson    Edwin David    012 295 5237
Treasurer    Margaret Arul
Secretary    Marcus Peter    012-2702790
George Lazaroo    012 204 8020
Joseph Arul    012-288 7742
Youth Representative    Chris Arul    012-943 8042