For the second time, BEC of Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Sg Long Zone, celebrated its Patron’s feast day St. Joseph, on 13th April 2013.  Since it was also Easter, it was a double celebration.

The celebration was held at the Batu 11 MPKJ Hall Balakong. About 19 Myanmar children and adults, 10 Sabahans and 21 families from the BEC joined in the celebration which started at 2.00 pm.

Brother Pakianathan,  Assistant Coordinator warmly welcomed all the BEC families, Myanmar families and Sabahans who joined us for the first time. We started with hymns, prayers and a Novena to our Patron St Joseph led by Sister Ann Ngeoh.

After the prayers and worship, we had an Easter Quiz with questions prepared by Brother Pakianathan. Both children and adults participated. Those who gave the correct answer received a prize.

There was also a games session organised by the youth for both children and adults. The games include ping pong, musical chairs, picking nuts from ice buckets with feet and many more with prizes also offered for the winners.

We also welcomed two newly baptised Catholics to our BEC - Vani and Sabrina.   For spiritual guidance, each of them received a Bible and a thank you memento.

Mark Anthony, the BEC’s Coordinator, had thanked everyone for their support especially the core team members who worked for the past month to organize the celebration. He also thanked our Risen Lord Jesus for the blessings showered upon St Joseph BEC.

The celebration ended at 6pm with presents for all the BEC, Myanmar and Sabahan children, followed by fellowship.

Images below capture the celebration.