Mass started with hymns and prayers in the Myanmar language lead by Albert, their coordinator.  Rhythmic and mesmerising – their singing sounded like chants.  An Indian Myanmarese, Valentine translated for Fr George who spoke in English.

Our Myanmar brothers and sisters, many of them young couples with children animated the Mass.  We saw many young toddlers and babies at the rented home in St Joseph BEC (Bandar Mahkota Cheras) that afternoon. 

During the homily, Fr George requested the married couples to seat together.  The Gospel reading that Sunday was on the wedding at Cana.  In his homily, Father spoke about seven as the number for fulfillment.  To illustrate this, he arranged six of the Myanmar brothers in front of the altar with the seventh person, Fr George representing Christ. This was to show that with the presence of Christ, there was fulfillment - that our lives would be complete with Christ in it.

Before Mass started, Father George introduced the BEC members who joined in. They included the zone coordinator, BEC coordinators, area core team members and communion ministers.

Father was told that the Myanmarese work on Sundays which was why they were not attending mass at Holy Family Church (HFC).  In fact, Albert the coordinator rushed back to work soon after Mass ended.

Upon finding out that most of their children were baptised at St Thomas Moore Church in Subang, Fr George assured them that baptism can also be arranged for their children at HFC.  Two of the children were not yet baptized. 

Fr George also stressed that when a bus is arranged for them to attend the Myanmar Mass in HFC on the first Sunday of each month, they should try their best to attend.

After Mass there was some fellowship with food donated by a zone member and catered by another BEC member.  We left that evening with a better understanding of what our Myanmar brothers and sisters go through as refugees in Malaysia.