What does God require of us? (cf. Micah 6: 6-8) That was the theme of the Ecumenical Unity Service which marked the launch of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January 2013).  Approximately 300 parish members of Holy Family Church Kajang was joined by Christian leaders of the Canaan Lutheran (Rev. Pastor Wei), St. Katherine’s Anglican (Rev. Pastor Juining Babia), Chinese Methodist (Rev. Pastor Desmond Kok Ching Hin), Sidang Injil Borneo (Rev. Pastor David) and the Myanmar Baptist church (Rev. Pastor John Thang).  The almost 20 SIB members attendance was mooted by their interest to know more about ecumenical worship.

The worship service started with a drum march led by the Bangi Group.  Beating of the drums signals people coming together, to listen to an important message - to listen to God’s voice to be ONE is Christ.  To launch the event all the various church leaders led by Rev Father George and Rev Father Peter dipped the Paschal candle into a water fountain that came to life with lighted gushing water. Light and water the symbol of truth and purity of life that flows freely from Jesus to everyone.

Praise and thanksgiving was said in a human chain of unity and solidarity. This was followed by confession of sin and assurance of pardon.  Everyone participated with full enthusiasm. Liturgy of the word included the usual scripture and gospel readings and enhanced with testimonies of faith. The first was about Sarah Digal from India. Amidst much persecution she perseveres as staunch and brave Dalit Christian woman. The second testimony was from a parish member, Sebastian Rose hailing from Pakistan who recalls the dark days of being harassed for being a Christian.  He also recalled about his house being burnt and family members tortured.  Although saddened leaving them behind, he is happy to be able to practice Christian faith freely in Malaysia.

After the homily, Rev Father George called on all the various church leaders to share their faith and say prayers.  After the Lord’s Prayer, the service ended with blessings. A short video clip was presented on the World Council of Churches (WCC)’s week of Prayer for Christian Unity and Unity in Kajang.  Among the suggestions on what we can do for Christian unity was noted as Prayer, Adoration, Reflection, Fellowship, Evangelise and Community work.

A beautiful meal was shared by all who stayed back.  The fellowship lasted long into the night as everyone had personal experiences to share. Many people came forward to thank PMEIA for organizing the event. The truth is Rev Father George has been very keen to see the unity among the Christians of various denominations.  The World Council of Churches (WCC)’s week of Prayer for Christian Unity was very opportune for this cause.  More information on The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is available from: www.oikumene.org.