Welcoming the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi Cheras – 15 & 16 October 2016

This weekend (9/10/16), the parish of SFA celebrates their feast day and the ground breaking ceremony for their new building project with their morning mass. After that, the vicinity of their parish will be closed for commencement of works. Beginning next week, we at Holy Family will open our doors to our friends from SFA. In this period of 2 years of works to renovate their church and build a new formation centre, we will support their pastoral needs for the celebration of weekend mass and catechesis.

Some things to look forward to:

An additional mass every Sunday at 4.00pm animated by parishioners from SFA
Catechism classes in all 4 languages for them

  • Tamil classes at 8.30am combining with HFK catechism
  • Mandarin classes at 1.00pm
  • BM classes at 3.00pm
  • English classes at 5.30pm

Catechism class area will be similar to our HFK arrangement. Please note that The Wisdom Room, the Parish Hall, the Breakfast Corner, parts of the old Church rooms, Fr Phillip So Room and Fr Henriot Room have been set aside on Sunday afternoon to evening for adult and youth activities.

The interzone games, “Holympics” were held over the course of 3 days with different sports events held on each day. Sporting events that took place were Badminton, Volleyball, Tug of war, Fun games, Netball, Carrom, Darts, Futsal and Captain ball. Participants put in loads of effort to practise for their events on church grounds and even in their own respective BECs. The zones that participated played all games with good sportsmanship and team spirit. Zones cheered their teams on and gave motivation and encouragement. It was a good event that brought young and old together. Overall, it was a great sight to see zones unite in sports and have fun.



We, the priests and parishioners of Holy Family, Kajang are glad to welcome you to our Parish.  If you have not registered yourselves, kindly do so.  Forms are available on the table at the church entrance.  All completed forms should be submitted to the church office.

If you need your house to be blessed, please contact the parish office during office hours.

To know which Zone and BEC you belong to, kindly refer to the Notice Board.